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Information about school bags for girls and boys

Schoolbagsforgirlsandboys provides you usefull information about the best and most popular school backpacks and satchels for girls and boys of this season.

The first day at school is exciting for each child – a new period starts. Of course, each kid wants to have his or her own fancy new school bag or satchel. A school bag is an important symbol for girls and boys. It is a companion throughout their school life. Widgets

But which school bag is the right one? For kids, the most important aspects are design, colour, or a nice theme. Parents should respect the wishes and attitudes of their child, but some reasonable aspects should also be taken into account when deciding which school bag is the right one. You should be sure to find out which school bag is the most suitable for your child.

But what matters anyway? What is important? Objective criteria for the purchase decision are:

  • lightness of the school bag or satchel
  • appropriate stability and robust construction
  • wide and comfortable shoulder straps
  • sufficient reflectors and signal colors
  • ergonomic padding
  • enduring and waterproof surface material
  • the proper size that best fits your child

But how big can a school bag or a satchel be, without endangering the health of your child? How robust must a school bag be to last long enough?

What else do you need to think about before buying a school bag? Which models exist at all? Which safety features are necessary?

On this page, we want to help you to choose the right school bag for kid. We have compared the most popular school bags for girls and boys.

Furthermore, we have collected and listed the best school bags by brands. It is easy to lose track since there are many different models and brands.

We’re sure that our overview will help you choose the right school bags for your kids.

Health aspects – weight, ergonomics and comfort of school bags for girls and boys

Weight of a school bag

When buying a school bag or satchel, the weight of the backpack should be considered. The bodies of growing children are much more sensitive to heavy weights than the bodies of adults. The risk of consequential physical damages is significantly higher for young kids wearing heavy school bags than for older ones.

A common rule is that the weight of the packed satchel or school bag should not exceed ten to fifteen percent of the child’s weight. Of course, this is just a rough estimation. The physical condition of each child is different, so it is hard to give general advice. However, it is important that your child feels comfortable wearing the satchel or school bag. From time to time, you should make sure that the amount of school books to be taken back and forth from school is not too high. Therefore, parents should make sure that their children do not carry unnecessary stuff in the satchel or school bag and take only what is needed next day at school. Often children are a little bit lazy when packing the school bag. It is far easier to take every book to school, than to think about what can be left at home. Ask your child whether the school bag is too heavy and if your kid still feels comfortable. You can also explain the consequences of school bags that are too heavy.

Our comparisons list the individual weight of the school bags, thus it is easier for you to decide. Generally, the best school bags are the easier ones that still have good stability. A weight between about 2.4 pounds and 3.1 pounds is ideal. However, if the weight is too small, the school bag usually loses stability. But good stability of the school bag is important in order to distribute the weight of the content evenly. In addition, the content is protected by robust construction.

If a school bag is packed properly, the risk of pain can be omitted from the very beginning. Make sure that heavy books or other school supplies always are worn close to the body. Do not position heavy objects on the outer wall. By doing this, your child does not need to compensate for the wrong weight distribution with his or her own body weight.

A good partition helps to ensure a good allocation of books and other heavy contents.

Ergonomics and comfort of school bags

Besides the weight of a school bag or a satchel, the comfort and ergonomics are very important to prevent your child from suffering any physical damage.

The choice of an appropriate size of a school bag or satchel prevents future health problems. Therefore, the backpack must perfectly match the shape of your child while he or she is wearing a shirt or a jacket. This is supported by ergonomic paddings. On the one hand, soft paddings ensure that the pressure is spread evenly, but on the other hand you should pay attention that the padding is not too soft and thick. A soft or thick padding can cause the school bag to sit too loose. Breathable padding increases the comfort, especially when the school bag is worn over a longer period of time.

Often, the wrong allocation of the school bag on the child’s back, not the weight of the school bag itself, is a reason for pain.

Common reasons for this are poorly adjusted belt and shoulder straps. If the straps are adjusted too long, the school bag hangs too low which might cause a hollow cross. Additionally, the shoulder blades are stressed because of the straps being set too long.

Besides the general length of the adjusted straps, it is also important that they are set to the same length. You should be sure that your child pays attention that both straps have the same length. Only in this way is the weight is distributed uniformly, preventing muscular tension from wrong posture. You should also ensure that the upper end of the school bag ends at the same level as the shoulders.

The shoulder straps of the school bag must be wide enough. Slim straps can possibly cut and chafe the shoulder of your child. Most of the weight is held with the shoulders; hence, the straps must be comfortable at this position. The straps of the school bag or satchel should be around 1.5 inches wide.

Since the child’s school bag is ideally used for several years, it must be possible to adjust the stripes to the growing kid.

Reflective, luminous and garishly school bags for your child’s safety

A very important aspect of satchels or school bags is safety. A reflective and bright school bag improves the visibility of your child so he or she arrives safely at school. Every year, kids are injured in road accidents and some are even killed.

Especially in the dark seasons, the view of car drivers during darkness, rain, or even snow can be very poor and limited. A reflective satchel or school bag can prevent critical situations and contribute to substantially to the safety of your child. Even if children know how to behave in traffic, a further bit of safety can help if some mishap occurs. Of course children might do something wrong on their way to school and underestimate the danger of cars and trucks. The probability that the child is not seen by a driver can be significantly reduced with a reflective satchel or school bag.
We are going to list safe satchels and school bags in its own category.

Further aspects to consider when buying a school bag or satchel

Do not underestimate the stability of school bags or satchels. Whether packed or not, the school bag should stand firm and must not tilt.

School bags have to be robust. Kids are kids and the school bag or satchel might not always be handled carefully. Therefore, it is important to choose the proper material and a suitable construction.

In order to protect the school bag from rain, it should have feet and be made of waterproof or water resistant material. The material should also be robust and of good quality, to ensure that the school bag can be used for several years.

The school bag is used by your child so you should be sure that all functions fit the skills of a child. The design of the closing mechanism should be easy to handle. When opened, it should be easy to load and unload the school bag or satchel. If the school bag has a carrying handle, it should be long enough so that the school bag can be held comfortably when carried for short distances. Good school bags or satchels also feature side pockets that provide plenty of room for further school supplies as umbrellas, a lunch box, or a water bottle.