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A Healthy Packed Lunch For The School Break

Key Factors Of A Successful School Career

At school children learn for their future life. The chosen learn matter intends to prepare each to gain sufficient knowledge and necessary skills for a successful working life.

How successful a pupil can be at school is influenced by various factors. Besides the actual talent and individual strengths some basic factors are the same for all childs. The right books, the right school supplies but also sufficent sleep are higly important. Another key factor is a balanced diet - ergo a healthy packed lunch.

Why Is A Healthy Packed Lunch So Important?

Healthy packed lunch - an important key factor - 2015

Healthy packed lunch – an important key factor

Usually school start quite early and the children stay at school for many hours. A balanced breakfast might be a good basis for a long school day. However children might do not fell hungry during morning hours or prefer to sleep as long as possible. Hence they do not eat enough to start the day with sufficient energy.

Energy needed to be concentrated enough during all lessons. A healthy packed lunch helps to avoid a lack of energy throughout the day.

Healthy food increases the ability to concentrate. The brain needs certain nutrients in order to work optimally. A healthy lunchbox can provide these nutrients. Healthy foods contain energy suppliers to keep energy variations within certain limits.

What Belongs Into A Healthy Lunch Box?

First of all healthy bread supplies a child during a long day at school with sufficient energy. Wholemeal bread should be chosen instead of white bread. Fruits, vegetable, low-fat cheese and some cuts provide a good combination of micro- and macronutrients.
[sam id=1 codes=’true’] A healthy packed lunch is perfect to provide a sufficient basis to be able to concentrate all day long.
Children tend to prefer unhealthy food as chips, chips and sweets as chocolate or jelly baby. So how can you encourage your child to eat the healthy packed lunch? First of all you should vary the packed lunch. Different fruits or different kinds of cheese. Just not the same combination all the time. From time to time it can be also ok to add an “unhealthy” snack as a little reward. You can also involve your girl or boy during the preparation of the packed lunch. The motivation to eat the self prepared lunch is much higher.

Of course, you should know what your child likes and what your kid does not like. The preferences change also from time to time, so just keep an eye on what is remained in the lunchbox.

A healthy packed lunch is a important but often underestimated key factor for a successful school career. The effort to prepare a healthy lunch box is not that big and the benefit and the advantages for your child are highly valuable.