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Games for the Playground – Schoolyard Games

Do you remember the times when you had your daily lunch break in school and you ran outside to play with all your mates? Or the afternoons you spent outside... Nowadays, schoolyard games have almost disappeared as kids are often too much into their technical devices and are more likely to sit inside and stare on screens. Time to teach them the old outdoor activities again! It is fun and it is healthy for your children’s minds and bodies.

Some School Yard Games for Your Girl or Boy

Below you can find a list of the top classics of schoolyard games.

    1. Hide-and-seek: This is definitely one of the most played games ever and your children might know it already. And still, this classic game is great fun and easy to play as you do not need any further equipment. One chosen seeker has to count to a certain number while the others have to hide. The winner of the game is the one who was found last and this player will also be the next who has to seek. This game can be on endless repeat.
    2. Skipping: The only thing you will need is a good and heavy enough rope and a bit of practice to swing it in the right way. There is a huge variety in jumps and things like the double dutch for advanced players. It is easy to get addicted.

  1. Elastics: This classic game is an old time favourite. All you need is three players and an elastic band. Place it around the ankles of two and the third one can start jumping. There is an enormous amount of rhymes that can be used and the band is risen from ankles over calf to knee up to the highest possible position.
  2. Kiss chasing or catch and kiss: It is a variation of “tag” and the aim of the game is to NOT get a kiss of the player who is chasing you.
  3. Hopscotch: Get a bit of chalk and you can start. Draw up the numbered boxes on concrete, throw a stone to a certain number and try not to lose your balance while hopping there and back. A good game to practice coordination.
  4. Red light, green light: This is an awesome game to play with a larger group. One player is a bit further away from the others lined up behind him. At “green light” the players try to come at you in whatever way. As soon as you turn around and scream “red light” they have to freeze. The ones still moving have to go back to start, the one who touches you the first is the next to scream “red light, green light”.

There are many more!

The games in the list above are only a small selection out of hundreds of school yard games. Maybe it was enough to animate your desire to look into outdoor games a bit further and revive the fun times together with your children.

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