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Hey school kid! Need some hints?

Some usefull hints for you :)

You need some advice carrying school bags? Here you are kid! Carry your school bag only if is neccessary. When you have to wait for the bus or have to keep standing within the bus, just put the school bag on the ground or bench. Do not play around or run with your school bag on your shoulders. Your shoulders and your back will be strained needlessly. If you fell the weight of the school bag will additionaly enlarge the severity of the tumble. Remember when playing around you are much faster without your schoolbag ;)

The slings should be as tight as possible but still comfortable. If your school bag has a waist belt – use it! A trolley backpack or a trolley school bag might be a solution, but pay attention that you do not rotate the shoulders to much pulling it. When you have to lift the school bag at stairs or when you get in the bus use the slings.

Use both shoulders! One shoulder doubles the weight of the backpack, two shoulders half it! [sam id=1 codes=’true’]Typically you will use the same shoulder all the time which might cause long-term damage and pains.

You should only pack the stuff for school you really need. Ask your teachers in advance which books will be necessary the next class. Or maybe you can share one book with your school neighbour.

If possible leave books you do not need for your homework at school, e.g. in your locker. You can also leave some haevy stuff in your locker if you have sports classes.

If you do not feel comfortable with your school bag than tell your parents so.

Be a kid, but sometimes be reasonable… at least at school

The evening is the best time to prepare your school bag for the next day. In the morning you will be in a hurry and you will not have plenty of time to decide which books are really neccessary.

When packing – at first the heaviest books and then the easier ones. Try to spread the weight evenly.

No matter if you have to carry heavy school bags or not, don’t be a couch potatoe! Sports and physical exercises will stregthen your back. In a sports club you will find friends with the same interests!

Please be aware that we are no doctors. If you feel pain carrying your school bag do not hesitate to tell it your parents. They will consult a qualified doctor to get distinct advice.

Are you a parent? Just have a look at our general information.

Some usefull hints for your kid carriying a school bag. What to think about at home, the way to school and at school.