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Personalised School Bags and Backpacks

You are looking for individual and personalised school bags or backpacks? You are just right here! There are plenty ways and configurations you can choose from to personalise a backpack. We have summarised some of the best ones.

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Personalised school bags are a perfect gift for kids, toddlers and even teens. An individual design makes the backpack something special for your kid. It can even make school a little more exciting.

A big advantage of an unique design is that it makes it easier for your kid to recognise his or her belongings. Besides personalised backpacks individually designed school supplies like swim bags, pencil cases, sandwich bags and drink bottles are available.

There are various possibility to personalise a school bag. The three most common ones are prints of the child’s name on the backpack, an individual design of the school bag itself print or tags.

Available Personalised School Bags

Many shops and manufactures offer personalised backpacks. You can choose the colour of the school bag and your kid’s name to be printed. Additionally different fonts types and font colours can be configured.

Some shops offer predefined pictures of animals or fairy tale creatures to be added to the chosen name. The top of uniqueness is to design and upload an own illustration. Your kid will love his or her personalised school bag if a picture of the favorite fairy tale character or the own pet is printed on the backpack.

Handmade Personalised Backpacks

Some online shops offer handmade personalised school bags. Usually these backpack are not personalised but in a special way unique.

Selfmade School bags

To be sure that the school bag is personalised uniquely you can make it on your own.

You have the choice! You can use a self made imprint on the school bag or attach a special tag on it. If you are skilled enough you can add a coloured zip or even an additional side bag.

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