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Wheeled School Bags – Is a Trolley School Bag Reasonable or Not?

Whether to use a wheeled school bag or trolley school bag seems to be a controversial discussion. Is a trolley school bag good for the health of a kid at all? We have collected the most important information concerning the pros and cons of wheeled school bags. In this post you will find general information about trolley school bags and the advantages of wheeled school bags. In a future report we are going to summerize the disadvantages to consider buying a trolley school bag. Furthermore you will find some hints, how to deal with the weight of school bags in general.

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Types of Wheeled School bags & Trolleys

Are wheeled school bags reasonable?

Are wheeled school bags reasonable?

Wheeled school bags are available in different sizes. There are trolleys for kids which go to the kindergarten usually large enough for a lunch box and some additional equipement. Trolley school bags for younger and older school kids are larger providing enough space for all school supplies. Of course various designs are offered. Girls love wheeled school bags which are coloured pink, boys prefer black and blue ones.

Due to the fact, that wheels are mounted on the backpack the construction of trolley school bags is rigid in general.

Advantages of wheeled school bags / trolleys:

The spinal system and the joints of your girl or boy are not strained by the heavy wheight of the schoolbooks.

  • The weight is carried by the trolley or wheeled backpack, not be your kid.
  • The wheeled school bag or trolley can be used for long walks from home to school and back again without all the weight on the shoulders of your child.
  • Wheeled school bags and trolleys are easy to handle, even for younger kids.
  • School supplies are protected by the rigid construction of wheeled school bags and trolleys.

In our next post we provide the disandvantages of wheeld school bags / trolley and give you some advice for your buying decision.

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