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Which Weight is the Right One?

Weight of school bags and backpacks

Most parents know the image to well: the own child leaves for school carrying huge school bags, backpacks or satchels stuffed with books, sports kits, instruments, and supplies. Sometimes one can even feel the strain this weight has to have on the small children’s bodies. As you want the best for your child the question arises if that weight could cause back problems or any other future damage. Some scientists say that a child should not carry more than 10 to 15 per cent of its own body weight to avoid any sort of future damage. That is why an often recommended solution is a trolley backpack or a trolley school bag. The problem here is

that a rotation of the shoulders and the vertebrae is caused by pulling it. In addition to that the school bag needs to be lifted as soon as your child has stairs to overcome. In the long run that could cause false posture and damage as well. The healthier alternative for your child’s back so to speak is still a backpack or school bag that is carried on your child’s back.

Weight of school bags different studies, different opionions

Besides, recent studies have shown that it is no problem for children with healthy backs to carry more weight than the 10 per cent recommended a few years ago. More important is how a backpack or school back is packed and in what way the backpack or satchel is carried on the back. The maximum weight of a backpack or school bag is individually different and of course the lighter a school bag is the better it is for your child.

Nowadays, there are backpacks or satchels that weigh under three pounds and you can also help your child packing its school bag. It is important to leave out unnecessary items and to pack the heaviest things close to your child’s spine. On top of that make sure that the backpack or school bag has padded straps as this eases the strain. An ideal further feature is a waist belt.

The right backpack or school bag is essential for your child’s future healthy back – and of course, your child’s way to school is not supposed to be a fitness training. With a few facts in mind about school bags it is not hard to make life easier for your child.

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