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School Bags for Boys

We have collected some useful information about school bags for boys. For general ones just visit our main page or hint section.

Prior to your child‘s enrollment you have to buy a lot of things. In addition to books, pencils, and exercise books, the school bag is one of the most important things.

The school bag will accompany your boy for several years in his school career. During these years, the school bag will have to endure some stress. For this reason, you should pay attention to the quality of your boy’s new school bag. You should also take care of the health of your boy’s back. Since the backpack is often carried for quite a long time, it should be ergonomically shaped and should not be too heavy. First of all you should focus on functionality and safety.

Our Pick for Boys!


Even so, your boys might be hard to convince that the design should not be the the key aspect of choosing a school bag, their safety should be the most important argument for your buying decision. In addition to a cool design, you should consider buying a satchel with reflectors. This will improve the visibility of your boy to others. The school bag should provide features which garantee a good visibility; espacially during rush hours. Retro-reflective strips and fluorescent signal areas are usuful. The advantage of the latter is that your boy is clearly visible in various lighting conditions for other road users.

Weight Distribution and Robust Backpacks for Boys

Almost all brands offer quite robust school bags.

It is even more important that an optimal weight distribution is guaranteed by the school bag; therefore, the main compartment for the heavy school books should be located on the rear. The  shoulder straps should be wide (at least two inches) in order so avoid cutting pressure points. Another important point is the handle, which should be ergonomically shaped and padded.

The backpack should not fall on its own  regardless of whether or not it‘s full or empty. Another important feature is water resistance to avoid unnecessary water damage to school books.

Design for Boys



The design of school bag for boys seems to be as important as for school bags for girls. The favorits aredesigns with cars, dinosaurs, or fire department designs. Blue and black are choosen by boys as the best color for the school bag. All common brands have their own collection tailored specifically to the needs of cool boys. Your son is bearing the backpack for some years, therefore it is important that he feels comfortable with the design.

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