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School Bags For Girls

School Bags for Girls – Some Usefull Information

Entering primary school is the beginning of a new period of life for your girl. Thousands of first graders need a companion that must satisfy all different demands. You can find information about school bags for girls and boys on our main page.

The most important criteria that characterizes a girl’s backpack are safety and comfort. In addition, design and water resistance should be considered when buying your girl’s backpack. For girls the design of school bags is very important. When it’s raining cats and dogs, the contents of the school bag need be protected, and the color should not be water-soluble. In our comparison, we will give some models to provide you with a closer look.
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Safety First!

Even if your girl would probably choose her new school bag only because of the design, you should consider further aspects. [sam id=1 codes=’true’]First of all, a girl’s satchel should be designed for safety so that your daughter can be easily seen on the way to school. This is usually provided by retro-reflective strips on the satchel. However, it should be pointed out that such strips only reflect the light of cars. During the day when cars usually drive without lights, the school bag does not provide any protection. Therefore, some experts recommend backpacks with attached orange or yellow fluorescent signal areas. These attachments shine brightly regardless if they are lit by cars. The risk of accidents can be reduced significantly for your girl.

Weight Distribution and Robust Backpacks for Girls

Although girls are said to push or shove less than boys, their satchels need to endure equaly. Almost all common brands offer enduring models. More important is that a proper and optimal weight distribution is provided on the back. You can easily verify these criteria on your own. Therefore, the main compartment for the heavy school books should be located on the rear. Thus, the shoulder straps should be wide (at least two inches) so they do not cut. Another important aspect is the handle, which should be ergonomically shaped and padded. Also, the backpack should not fall over regardless if it’s full or empty.

Non-Toxic School Bags for Girls

school bags for girls

School bags for girls

An equally important issue is the pollution of school bags for girls and boys. Hardly any manufacturers still use harmful substances. However, parents should be aware and check for products that are non-toxic.

Pink – That’s What Girls Like!

The favorite color of most girls is pink. So it is not surprising that backpacks for girls are often offered in all sorts of pink tones. All large and small manufacturers of girl’s school bags have a corresponding range in the program. Girls are fascinated by the charming designs. The most popular designs for a girl’s satchel include fairytale characters like fairies, flowers, animals, hearts, butterflies or princesses.

But you should consider that her preferences might change as your girl grows up and gets older.

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